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The World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry (WCMID) was formed in December 1999 by dental practitioners, academics, and dental researchers from all over the globe.

In June 2000 the first annual conference was held in Skaneateles Falls, New York, where 135 attendees represented 13 countries for the WCMID’s official initiation. This conference was headed various speakers, including Imtiaz Manji, Richard Simonsen, Rella Christensen, Christopher Benz, Luc Martens, Geoff Knight, Graeme Milicich, Kim Kutsch, and Stewart Rosenberg.

Attendees at the conference helped define Minimally Invasive Dentistry (Microdentistry) to provide structure and vision to the Congress. It was concluded that Microdentistry is the evidence-based discipline of dealing with oral hard and soft tissue saving procedures, the goal there being, improved quality of life through lifelong optimal oral health.

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They also gave a direction for the WCMID to promote and educate the profession and the public about minimally invasive dentistry. Fifty dentists contributed substantial funds to create the financial base for the organization and were recognized as Founding Members. Thirty-nine dentists took a written exam and presented clinical cases to represent their proficiency in microdentistry and were awarded Fellowship by the WCMID. The organization also incorporated in the USA and filed application with the IRS for nonprofit status (approved in 2002).

The WCMID met for the second conference in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia in August 2001. Again, members were represented from nine countries. The focus of the second conference was on early diagnosis and the early caries process. Speakers for this conference included Greg Seymour, Luc Marks, Rella Christensen, Kim Kutsch, Stewart Rosenberg, Phil Hudson, Geoff Knight, Graeme Milicich, Andrew Brostek, Hien Ngo, Laurie Walsh, and Richard Eilenberg.

Seven members demonstrated proficiency for the Fellowship exam and five members demonstrated their proficiency for the Diplomate exam. In addition, five members stepped forward to contribute more financial support for the organization and were recognized as Life Members.

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Committees were organized and empowered to set and accomplish goals for the year 2002. Goals for the year included a peer-reviewed electronic journal, with Richard Simonsen as editor, David Santleben as associate editor, and Paul Beasley as publisher. Since this meeting, the WCMID received AGD accreditation in March of 2002 for continuing education credits. Since then the WCMID has pioneered joint meetings with seven West Coast dental schools, the State Board of Dental Examiners and the dental insurance industry at its annual conferences held in Australia, New York, California and in 2006 in Seattle, Washington.