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Keynote Speaker: Feroshia R. Knight, MA, PCC

Feroshia Knight, MA, PCC, is Executive Director and founder of the Baraka Institute: Coach Training World, established in 2005, and an internationally known coach, consultant, creator, author and speaker. She is also the founder of Agent 47, an independent marketing consultancy created in 1989 that has helped hundreds of companies build a powerful brand and competitive position through the development of branding tools that rely on sustainable business practices and relationship-based, educational marketing strategies.

Feroshia holds a master's degree in Organization Change and Renewal from Seattle University/OSR-NW with expertise in systems thinking, system dynamics, transformational learning theory, archetypal systems and pattern analysis, as well as change management. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Technical Journalism at Oregon State University.

As an ICF Credentialed Professional Coach, NLP Practitioner and Certified Project Manager, Feroshia has dedicated herself to perfecting the integrated union of personal and professional development and business growth services for the past 23 years, addressing the whole business as well as the individuals within it. Through the Baraka Institute and her role as a human strategist, she has worked with solo entrepreneurs as well as those within businesses and non-profits throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and elsewhere around the world. In doing so, she has developed high-impact groups in which leaders and their teams can excel at effective communication, strategic planning, decision-making, conflict management, productivity, accountability and team effectiveness.

Feroshia has written and published an extensive range of educational material – used by students around the world – to instill an understanding of change mastery and elicit human excellence while producing an exceptionally heightened level of innovative thinking and self-awareness. She is also currently at work on two forthcoming books, a comprehensive training manual for her signature Whole Person CoachTM technique, as well as Innovate from Here: The POWER Within, a book that explores her unique philosophy and successful approach to deepening and accelerating human development. In addition, Feroshia recently collaborated with 13 Baraka graduates to publish If Only... Life Lessons Learned - 14 Transformational Tales, a collection of real-life success stories taken from those who’ve discovered ways to effectively navigate life through the tools and techniques of coaching.

Feroshia is also credited with establishing a number of proprietary and highly-successful coach training programs, personal growth programs and leadership development products – including the Whole Person Coaching™ Methodology, the KOKORO Life Mastery™ Program, the KOKORO MindStyles™ and Archetypal Systems Coaching®. She has developed a range of tools and assessments that allow individuals and businesses to better understand themselves and others. The guidance of her archetypal patterning process has proven particularly useful in areas of self-development and team-development and is extremely powerful as a cutting-edge business success process.

Further branching out into the world of multimedia, she is creating a series of educational films designed to stimulate curiosity and action, instructing individuals who are ready to take their next steps on how to reap the numerous rewards life has to offer.

Continuously active in the coaching and organizational development community, Feroshia was voted and awarded Coach of the Year in 2009 by the NWCA and currently participates with numerous local and national organizations that include the Association of Psychological Type, NWCA and the ICF. In addition, she has served as Past President for the Oregon chapter of the International Coaches Federation, NW Coaches and as the Past Chair of the Organizational Development Network of Oregon.

On a personal level, Feroshia believes the natural world is one of the most powerful teaching tools available for learning about ourselves and how we interact within the larger community. As a result, her leisure time in often spent in the great outdoors – hiking and biking the incomparable trails surrounding her hometown of Portland, Ore. She also enjoys exploring distant lands and learning about other cultures, having traveled to China, Japan, Brazil, Korea, Indonesia, Costa Rica and throughout Europe.

When she isn’t outdoors, Feroshia invests her free time in music, fronting for a dozen bands since her 20s. In this vein, she is currently producing a short compilation CD featuring the best of her collaborations with some of Portland’s finest songwriters.

David Clark, DDS

Dr. David Clark founded the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry, an international association formed to advance the science and practice of microendodontics, microperiodontics, microprosthodontics and microdentistry. He is a course director at the Newport Coast Oral Facial Institute in Newport Beach, California. He is co-director of Precision Aesthetics Northwest in Tacoma Washington, and an associate member of the American Association of Endodontists. He lectures and gives hands-on seminars internationally on a variety of topics related to microscope-enhanced dentistry. He has developed numerous innovations in the fields of micro-dental instrumentation, imaging, and dental operatory design. Dr. Clark has authored several landmark articles about microscope dentistry including Aesthetic Dentistry, Sealants, The Role of Ultrasonics in Three Dimensional Shaping and Restoration of Non Vital Teeth, Micro-Imaging and Practice Management, and Crack Diagnosis.

Dr. Clark is proud to join with CRA (Clinical Research Associates) in The "Update Series" lectures and also to participate in the important research at their world class facility in Provo, Utah.

Dr. Clark is the editor in chief for the 2005 launch of The Journal of Microscope Dentistry. He is one of the pioneers of the microscope in restorative dentistry and was the first to install ceiling tracks to facilitate the use of a microscope in more than one operatory. He recently published a completely new approach to diagnosis and treatment of cracked teeth, based on a new nomenclature and classification system for enamel and dentinal cracks observed at 16x in The Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry. He is also developing new techniques and materials to better restore endodontically treated teeth, including the Endo-Restorative Casting.

Dr. Clark is a 1986 graduate of the University of Washington School of Dentistry. He maintains a microscope-centered restorative practice in Tacoma, Washington. He can be reached at

Bill Domb, DDS

Dr. Bill Domb maintains a busy high-tech practice in Southern California east of Los Angeles, at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains in Upland and welcomes visitors from many states and countries to visit each year. Primary focus has been on aesthetic restorative directions, but the practice has a number of other active centers such as headache-TMD, fresh breath, anesthesia and sedation dentistry, implantology, and minimally interventive and preventive services with a focus on uses of ozone.

He is the dental advisor to a Sjogren’s Syndrome group and Director of the Inland Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry. Dr. Domb sits on the faculty of local dental and medical schools and has chaired the Council on Dental Health for the California Dental Association.

Bill lectures on integrating the high tech practice with human factors that make it fly. An ongoing focus has been bringing modern dental technology to South America and Mexico, where he is supervising several different research programs. He is also quite involved in the production of educational video programs for dentists via his company Xcentric Studios. The various uses of ozone in the dental practice have occupied Bill for over a decade and he has taught many courses in the US and overseas looking at practical applications in many areas of dentistry.

V. Kim Kutsch, DMD

Dr. Kim Kutsch has dedicated his career to seeking out and developing new ideas, technologies and treatment methods that focus on excellent patient care. He received his undergraduate degree from Westminster College in Utah and then completed his DMD at University of Oregon School of Dentistry in 1979. Dr. Kutsch currently serves are CEO of Oral Biotech and maintains a private practice in Albany, Oregon.

He is an inventor holding numerous patents for dental materials and oral health technologies in dentistry, publishes regularly in magazines, journals and textbooks. As an author, Dr. Kutsch has published dozens of articles and abstracts on minimally invasive dentistry, caries risk assessment, digital radiography and other technologies in both dental and medical journals and contributed to several textbooks. He also acts as a reviewer for several journals. He is a product consultant and regularly speaks at dental meetings throughout the world.

He is the founder of the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry and the Academy of Laser Dentistry. He also has served on the board of directors for the World Clinical Laser Institute and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He conducts independent biofilm research on the bacteria that cause cavities, and developed the Carifree system for the early identification, diagnosis and elimination of decay to promote a lifetime of health. Dr. Kutsch is also a mentor in the prestigious Kois Center for dentists in Seattle.

Mark Malterud, DDS

Dr. Mark Malterud is a 1983 graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and practices General and Family dentistry in St. Paul along with being an adjunct faculty member of the University of Minnesota Continuing Dental Education Department. Dr. Malterud’s practice focuses on comprehensive cosmetic dentistry incorporating minimally invasive dental procedures. His passions in these areas have allowed him to lecture locally, nationally and internationally. Some of his 2012 lectures include a restorative study club group in Bend, Oregon, AGD’s annual meeting in Philadelphia, local study clubs along with the MNAGD’s Fall APEX course, the WCMID, and the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry’s meeting.

He has further trained at the L.D. Pankey Institute and completed the entire curriculum of their educational continuums on comprehensive dentistry and has received Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Malterud is an active member of the American Dental Association and its state and local components, the Academy of General Dentistry (where he is currently the Minnesota Immediate Past President and is the Region 10 Trustee), a Fellow in the American College of Dentists and the Academy of Dentistry International, and various local and national dental societies and study club groups. As an early user of the NTI splint he has had an opportunity to help with feedback and refinements of the uses of the splint. Dr. Malterud also consults with various other dental manufacturers on product development and testing.

Scott Neish, DMD

Dr. Scott Neish has been serving the Portland, Oregon area for almost 30 years. He provides the highest level of care possible to his patients through his comprehensive, minimally invasive approach to diagnosis and treatment and his numerous hours of continuing education in a variety of areas. Dr. Neish received his B.S. in mathematics at the University of Oregon in 1977 and his D.M.D. degree in 1982 from the Oregon Health & Science University.

His commitment to excellence has been the driving force throughout his career and has led him to many different areas within the dental profession. He has taken extensive courses on laser dentistry, implants, and CEREC restorations as well as classes on restorative principles and techniques from the renowned Kois Center in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Neish is the current president of the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry, an organization which he has been an active member of for many years. He also served as a board member on the Oregon Annual Meeting Council.

G. Lee Ostler, DDS

Dr. Lee Ostler is a 1983 graduate of the University of Washington School Of Dentistry and has a private practice in Richland, Washington. He has focused his general practice on advanced cosmetics and bite rehabilitation, comprehensive periodontal management, dental sleep medicine, facial pain and TMJ/TMD therapy.

Dr. Ostler is the developer of the MDReferrals program, co-founder of Oral SysteMixTM, and co-developer of The Dental ETC protocol utility software program. He is also author of The Healthcare Professionals Networking Handbook, 21 Principles of Smile Design - Your Guide to a More Attractive Confident Smile, and The Story of Dental Health - A Journey of Smiles.

Dr. Ostler is a consultant to the dental industry, professional associations, and dental and medical continuing education entities, advising in matters of product and curriculum development and oral systemic healthcare. He is founding member and sits on the Board of Directors of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, and is editor of the AAOSH Connect newsletter. He begins his term of President Elect June 2012 and was instrumental in developing partnership and co-branded programs with the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. He is a past clinical instructor at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI).

With the emergence of new scientific understandings regarding the relationships that exist between the mouth and the body, current standards-of-care are evolving to require multi-disciplinary management of compromising medical conditions and better risk-management practices within healthcare. Dr. Ostler has created programs and resources, and lectures and presents to dentists and physicians nationally, which facilitate closer working referral relationships between medicine and dentistry, and which help dentists, physicians and public health agencies to improve patient care and better manage risk factors related to oral and general health.

He is the author of a number of related articles, and a handbook on the subject of medical-dental interdisciplinary referral networks, and the principles of multi-disciplinary co-management. His work and materials are currently being used by health professionals and industry consultants across the United States and internationally to improve patient care, to build professional networks between physicians and dentists, and to advance the understanding and adoption by the professions of the emerging science confirming the relationships between oral and systemic health.

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