Dr. Vera Georghy, Sydney, Australia
WCMID was founded in 1999. Dental clinicians from all over the world get together and discuss the latest principles in dentistry. Leading world educators, researchers and clinicians present the science that links dental disease, diagnosis and new diagnostic tools. The new approach to dentistry is about treating the disease and preventing the cause of disease even before minimally invasive surgical options are considered. There is a high professional knowledge by all who attends and a friendly social atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to join in, learn and develop lasting friendships. I have attend all 10 meeting s to date and would recommend it to anyone if you want to be a leading 21 Century minimally invasive dentist. Come and join us you, will never regret it.

Dr. Stan Sharples, Ohio State University
As a dental educator and having been a private practice general dentist for 20 years, I have had the opportunity to belong to numerous dental organisations and attend hundreds of hours of continuing dental education. The World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry (WCMID) has without question contributed more to my growth as a dentist and educator than any other organisation. The organisation and its annual educational programs have challenged my dental beliefs and stimulated me to become a better dentist and educator. I have been able to introduce new technology and better treatment options to my patients and my students, such as Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA), dental lasers and chair-side CAD-CAM. Our students are better prepared to provide the best treatment options for their patients, and on entering into a lifetime service to their patients and communities. Thank you WCMID for re-energizing me and providing me with the ability to better teach and provide the best minimally invasive dentistry that current dental research supports. I will always attend the annual meeting to stay current with the latest research and practices. This is a must attend meeting for every dentist who truly wants to provide their patients the best least invasive dental treatment available.

Dr. Jonathan Engel, Los Angeles, California
What I got from the Congress was really just the tip of the iceberg of Minimally Invasive Dentistry. All the speakers were approachable during the meeting and during all the breaks and meals. The other attending dentists all wanted to share their knowledge with me. It was not a meeting of look what I can do and you can't, it was let me teach you how to treat your patients in the most conservative manner with all the science to back them up. On top of it all, it was probably the best value I have ever had in continuing education, the meeting was first class all the way. Thank you to all for making me feel so welcome and part of the organization. I know that I am on the right path to treating my patients right. I can't wait for the next meeting.

Dr. Ken Chang, Anchorage, Alaska
I have been attending the WCMID for over 5 years. These meetings are full of opportunities to learn cutting edge information from the experts. I always have “pearls” to apply when I return to the office. I attend 80-100 hours of CDE each year and this group is by far the most friendly, helpful and user friendly group that I attend.

Dr. Filip Bonte, Belgium
The WCMID has been in my life now for 10 years. Every year the meetings continue to be better than the previous, with updates from all the top scientific researchers and clinicians from around the world. The WCMID has changed my professional life and continues to do so. This is a truly unique group like nothing else I have experienced in dentistry. Membership in this group could be considered to be the pinnacle, building a solid foundation for the future of dentistry.

Dr. Adam Kirkpatrick, Lebanon, Oregon
I had such a fantastic time at the WCMID conference! I learned so many new things that are not taught in dental school and they make so much sense. The lecturers did a fantastic job of keeping my attention and they all had a good scientific basis on the material they lectured on. The social and networking aspects of the conference was fantastic as well. I got to meet a lot of key players and forward thinkers and I know many of them would not hesitate to help me with anything I was trying to implement.

Dr. Brian Black, California
I have been a WCMID member and conference attendee for six years and this year I was also a member of the Board of Directors and a Strategic Partner supporting the organization. My perception of the WCMID remains the same – it is the one conference where I continue to develop a greater depth of knowledge in the subject of true minimally invasive dentistry while broadening my professional relationships and growing personal friendships that result from participating each year!

Dr. Mark Malterud, St. Paul, Minnesota
This is my 3rd year coming back to the WCMID and truthfully I was contemplating not registering. The scheduled speakers other than Dr. Kois were from my perspective not looking as appealing as I had expected. What a surprise! I know now that I can count on this group to push the boundaries of my thinking to a new level each and every year that I come back. The WCMID conference has become a must attend meeting or I know that I will be living in the past.